Honda Domino Commercial

14 Oct


Every person loves a good domino scene, so how about doing it with car parts? Honda takes a clever approach in indicating all the detail that goes into the making of one of their cars. According to an article this commercial was shot in real time without the aid of computer generation. It cost $6 million dollars to produce and 3 months to complete. How many takes do you think?? 606!! Awesome idea, but do you think it was worth all the time and money? I personally say yes! I guess I am sort of biased as I drive a Honda, but if a company is that meticulous about producing a commercial, I am fairly certain that they would take even more time on their product.


2 Responses to “Honda Domino Commercial”

  1. emptynester October 14, 2011 at 11:17 PM #

    Love this! who would have thought.

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