How to Reach the Hispanic Viewer

17 Oct

According to Dave Morgan, the CEO of Simulmedia in New York, Hispanics are becoming a major target of advertising with the growing population. He states that according to the Census, Hispanics make up about 15% of the US population and is projected to be around 25% by the year 2050. However, Hispanics are most likely not reached by advertisers who use Spanish-language television networks even though, according to Neilson data, Hispanics watch TV more than average. Why is this occurring? Well, to uncover this mystery, Simulmedia mapped the data gathered from Neilson of the anonymous viewing behaviors of 30 million Americans. Their results were startling.

The data indicated that 37% of Hispanics cannot be reached at all through the Spanish-language programming and that the majority watched English-language television. The question that Mr. Morgan brought up was if there was a certain place that Hispanic viewers could be reached through the means of television advertisements. The answer is yes. According to the data collected by both Neilson and Simulmedia, Hispanics are heavy viewers of sports during the late night hours. The stats supporting this idea are as follows…

For a typical Wednesday night…54% SPEED Channel, 40% ESPN News, 53% GOLF Channel just to name a few

One surprising fact that Mr. Morgan discovered was that Hispanics are 30% more likely to watch Fox Business in the mornings as compared to non-Hispanics.

This article says to me that advertisers need to focus on English-language television in order to be the most successful in reaching the target audience of Ā Hispanics. They will obviously have to tailor their approach to whatever it is they are wanting to promote to the desires, wants, and needs of the Hispanic race, but this will prove to be a major trend as the years progress and the Hispanic population continues to grow.



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