How to Better Your Blog With Humor

20 Oct

I ran across an article from SmartBlog that discussed adding humor to your blog in order to boost readership and audience interaction with your site. I found it very interesting and never truly thought about the intricacies of humor and how to use it effectively. This is a hot topic, especially for company blogs or social media posts. Companies want to set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd and humor is a way to, well in my opinion, add some spunk to their content. However, there is a thin line between funny and offensive, so there must be some things that are greatly considered when trying to incorporate humorous content. As outlined with the article, the key components include…

1. Tell your own jokes— no one wants to hear the same jokes over and over. Not only will readers find you unoriginal, after a while of this…they may just find you boring and predictable.

2. The Element of Surprise— When people hear a joke, they often times try to imagine the outcome. You say one thing and they think another. However, when given something that they were not expecting, a laugh will follow. The example listed in the article was Henny Youngman’s, “take my wife, please.” Now the audience is expecting something to follow as when they are hearing this they are thinking “take my wife, for example.” Little did they know that this was the joke, pleading them to take his wife. He got a laugh. Why? Because this surprised them. They expected one thing, but were given something else.

3. Don’t Give it Away— Don’t explain a joke, it loses its luster. If you make the connection for the reader there is no surprise, and therefore any chance of it being humorous is lost. By letting the audience make the connection themselves, they will have their own “A-HA” moment.

4. Make Fun of People in Power— People always laugh when you make fun of people in power. Now, this doesn’t mean to bash them every chance you get. The article indicates like one “zinger” a year. Not only is this surprising, but viewers find this daring as well, adding to the humor. However, do not make jokes about people who are below you (whether in business or personal) because you will most likely be perceived as a bully.

5. The Obvious– Whatever you do, and this may be a “duh” moment, don’t make fun of gender, race, ethnicity, religious views, sexual orientation or anything of this nature. It is just in bad taste and many will be offended.

Have fun with it though. Remember these criterion and your blog and posts should elicit a greater readership and viewer interaction. I am going to try to incorporate some of these aspects in to my blog as well. Hope you do the same.

What did the chicken say when he crossed……just kidding.


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