Playstation 3 Viral Ad 2011

25 Oct


This was the number one viral video ad this week with over 9 million views. Maybe you guys can help me. It was an interesting ad without a doubt, but I don’t think its content warranted the top viral ad this week. What is it about this ad that makes people want to view it? Is it that the imaginary world actually comes to life to thank the people who sit in front of a television playing these games hour on end? I don’t get it. Maybe I’m biased as video games are not my thing, but to me, it was kind of dull and dark, but then again it fit well with the setting. Because their is such a following of video and computer games, people who partake of this hobby get to see characters in a new light. Maybe that is why it is so popular. Well, whatever the case, the advertisers hit the nail on the head, apparently, as many people seem to like it. Maybe someone can explain to me the appeal.


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