Chapstick’s Facebook Blunder

26 Oct

This ad calls for the phrase, “Oh Snap!” Now, when looking at this ad some may giggle while others may cringe at the creative. However, we all have experienced losing our beloved Chapstick and aggressively pursuing every piece of furniture in the house. However, there has been a huge blunder with Chapstick and Facebook that is creating a stir. I recently came upon this in AdFreak and found the story quite interesting.

Chapstick is dealing with negative comments from fans about this ad, but, the thing is, they really aren’t handling the criticism very well. Although the line at the bottom of the ad states, “Be heard at,” people are not being heard, they are being deleted. Negative comments about the ad are mysteriously disappearing. Now, the ad itself is not so bad, but the fact that Chapstick is reacting in such a juvenile way makes one think. The comments keep zinging in, not so much about the above image but about why they aren’t “being heard.” Social media is a funny thing, you ask for comments, you get comments. Chapstick is the one looking pretty silly right now in trying to silence their fans. But in my opinion, this war is far from over. When brands start to deny and reject feedback, that is when they start losing customers and loyal customers at that. Maybe as comments keep disappearing, so will their business. The power of social media is at hand.


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