The Airbag Ad (otherwise known as Awesome!)

26 Oct

This ad is probably one of the coolest magazine ads I have ever seen. It was created by the ad agency, Loducca and featured in the most prestigious business magazine in Brazil called the Exame. On the previous page of this ad, there is a picture of the Peugot and instructions for the viewer to hit the front of the car with their hand in a specified location. After this is done, the magazine seems to inflate. When you turn the page, the above image is what you see (only this air bag is in 3D). If I was reading this magazine, this would definitely grab my attention, making me take a closer look at the Peugot. The fact that the 3D element is a safety benefit of the car, when people remember this awesome ad, they are actually remembering one of the major selling points of the vehicle that all car owners most likely looking for. However, given this tactic, the Peugot will stand out as the most recalled car out of the numerous that have this same feature. Loducca really made this brand stand out from the crowd.

Look below to see the video of how this ad was produced and shipped.


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