Reverse Graffiti: A Cleaner Approach to Advertising

16 Nov


This is probably one of the coolest things I have seen when it comes to unique ways advertise. In this video, a man who goes by the name of “Moose” demonstrates an effective way to advertise products just by cleaning the sidewalk with water. Not only is this a green approach to branding but could be seen, or at least in my opinion, as product art. Companies like Greenworks view this as “a larger than life product demo.” However, some people are not too thrilled with the concept, especially government officials. As seen in this article by AdWeek, legislators say that although some may have a permit for a mural, placing a brand name or other logo crosses the line as they do not have a permit for public advertisement. Companies like GreenGraffiti view this method as a safer and “greener” alternative to billboards. I personally find this method genius. Why not capitalize on an option that is novel and exciting and has the potential to reach a great amount of people at an extremely low cost. Everyone seems to be on the “Green” track these days, why not actually implement it.


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