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“Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of”

22 Jan

Adperspective happens to be posting from another location this week than usual. Where is that, you say?? Well, thanks for asking! I am in NEW YORK!! Now granted, this may not be super exciting news to some of you, but for me it’s huge. I can remember planning my first New York trip with my mom as a young girl and her raving about how wonderful a place it is. I would always say, “Mom, it’s just another city but with a lot more buildings than little ole Chattanooga.” She would laugh and reply,”No sweetie, it’s another world.” Being southern born in the great state of Tennessee, it was a little bit of culture shock. But coming from a family where both of my parents are northerners, I felt I was a little more prepared than most in coming to the Big Apple…WRONG! I learned quick how to close my eyes when in a taxi, hold on to the stinking pole while riding the subway, and walk–very quickly. I am not a cool kid either in this city. I am one locals probably hate seeing and can point out of a crowd as being the major tourist. You know what though? I am alright with that because this is a dream come true and I am savoring every second (as you can see below). taxi            times


But on a more serious note, the reason I am really in New York is that I am currently on a trip with the University of Tennessee’s Advertising Program. We have been meeting at numerous ad agencies and companies this week and will continue to be here until Saturday morning. Some of the agencies include BBDO, Mindshare, Scripps Networks Interactive, Y&R, and a few others. I will be posting insights that I learned as well as an agency profile in the days to come. But, right now I am about to head out for an alumni event for some networking. Watch out, New York!!

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