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Product Review: Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Gel

20 Oct

This product is for the ladies who have fine hair. I happen to suffer from this curse of super fine hair, meaning that getting volume…well is non-existant. I have seemingly tried every product in the world that says “Volumizing” but this one truly works. It doesn’t make you hair sticky or weigh it down. All you do is apply to wet hair before drying and your hair will be body-licious. It isn’t too expensive either and most supermarkets carry it in their health and beauty section. Big A+ in my book.

The brand, itself, has an immense presence in North America as it is featured in over 60,000 salons and also is distributed in over 36 countries. There are seven different lines of products including Big Sexy Hair, Curly Sexy Hair, Healthy Sexy Hair, Short Sexy Hair, Straight Sexy Hair, Silky Sexy Hair, and Sexy Hair Organics. They are so well known due to their 70 products that do exactly what they are named to do. Sexy Hair Concepts is such a successful company due to their aggressive branding, bold packaging, and global marketing. When the sales for hair products was down nearly 10%, they grew 5%. This just shows how much this company works on their branding and presence within the hairstyling world. If you haven’t already, look for their signature “big red can” and try them out. I promise you won’t be let down.

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