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A Costly New Years

1 Jan

I apologize for not posting in a while but you know how the holidays can be. And let me tell you, my holidays spared none of the traditional cliches you hear about when the conversation turns to Christmas…family drama, epic gift failures, choice words spoken, that one family member that seems to ruin it for everyone. You know, the typical holiday events. But what can I say, I love my family and Christmas was a blast. But now that all the “deck the halls” are sung and those hideous white elephant presents are opened and shoved to the back of the closets, it’s time to get back to business. What better way to ring in the New Year than with a discussion on one of the most exciting events of the year…New Years in Times Square!!Image

The above gorgeous photo from the official Time Square website captures all of what New Years is about…hope, glamour, thoughts of what the future holds, and living life to the fullest. Oh wait, did I mention advertising!!!

Having watched this Rockin’ New Years show ever since I was a little girl, all I ever really paid attention to was the artists singing the most popular tunes of the year and dancing with them in front of the television. Now don’t you judge me, you know good and well you were doing Gangham Style with Psy last night. But as I continued to watch some of these tunes being botched by the live performances, my mind shifted to what was truly important. All those HUGE ads and those annoying inflatable stick things that everyone was swinging to and fro!! Now granted those things started to grate on my nerves, especially during the crowd walk thru portions by Ryan and Jenny, but really Nivea?? GENIUS!


I honestly could not think of a better brand to ring in the New Year. I mean with a slogan, “Dare to be Kissed,” how is that not perfect for such an event focused on that epic midnight smooch? Accompanying these bold blow-ups was a campaign pushing its other lip products to make that kiss just a little more special. But the theme of the perfect kiss did not end there. A contest to bring a couple voted the “Best Kiss of the Year” to the action in Times Square was posted all over Facebook and Twitter. I think Nivea really got it right.

However, my eyes could not stop focusing on all the enormous colorful electronic billboards that seemed to be the backdrop of every shot. So I began to think (I know, a scary concept). But how much do those ads cost? I mean you are getting hundreds of millions of impressions in just one show on television. So I got my Sherlock Holmes pants on and decided to do some research and what I found was astonishing…well to me anyways.

According to Advertising Age, advertising on one of the 11 spaces available on the two most desired addresses in the United States, One and Two Times Square, can cost a brand upwards of $325,000 a month! Now granted like everything else is Manhattan, price depends on size and location. I mean there are some who rent space for just a measly $165,000 a month. For that price I think I might just whip out my tri-fold poster and my sharpies, but then again, these brands might have a littler more financing than my humble college bank account.

But let us look at the facts. There might be some benefits to this Times Square advertising thing after all. Besides being just one of the most sought-after districts for national and international advertising alike…it might reach a few people.

This list is compiled from the official Times Square website.

  • 370,000 pedestrians and 115,000 drivers/passengers pass through Times Square each day
  • Advertising in Times Square can expect close to 1.5 million impressions daily
  • 170,000 employees in Times Square alone, with 66,000 calling this area home
  • NEW YEAR’S EVE = a global audience of roughly 1 billion people

Sooooo what do you think?? Does the price outweigh the benefits? I think this might be an easy question. So as I play Auld Lang Syne on my iPad piano via my new favorite Smule app, Adperspective wishes you a Happy New Year!!! May 2013 bring you much wealth, happiness, love, and travel.

Oh, and things to expect from Adperspective in the New Year…a LOT more postings on all things advertising, products, and outrageous marketing. So if there is a product out there you absolutely love or advertising that you find AMAZING, post a comment or send me an email and I will check it out and maybe even feature it in a post.


When Advertising is Deemed Unnecessary

3 Dec

I know this may be a long video, but I found myself not really wanting it to end. To know and hear about the secrets of a brand that has been a part of our lives in one way or the other for decades is something I find fascinating…then again I am an advertising major. However, in all my education in advertising I have never heard of a brand in which advertising is deemed unnecessary until I took a second look at Coke. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Coca-Cola is not simply a beverage brand, but a lifestyle. Think about it. When asked the question, “What do you think of when you think of Coca-Cola?” It isn’t the taste, smell, or feeling of the beverage but what it represents. When asked this question I think of times spent with my family, my ritual of getting a little boost in the morning before heading off to school, how it seems to be the only thing that settles my stomach when I feel sick, or simply having dinner with my family as we share our day. I am sure when asked the same question you might have different stories where Coke has played a role in you life; however, there is one thing that we have in common. It isn’t the physical features of Coke we remember…it’s the way it makes us feel, the way it has established itself in our memories. This is a brand that has taken over the globe, as seen within this video. Coke needs no advertising as it is the most recognized product in the world. To some it may be a refreshing end to a hectic day, a little spark of energy, or an emblem of one’s youth, but to others, especially in other countries, it may represent hope. Hope for a better future, hope for a little happiness in an uncertain world. Coke isn’t just a brand, it’s a representation of ourselves and our memories.

National Geographic Genius

17 Nov

Have you ever had the opportunity to meet a real life astronaut, pet a cheetah, or be trapped in the whirlwind of a tornado? Yeah, I didn’t think so. However, National Geographic aims to change that by making the ordinary extraordinary. Created by a British digital agency known as Appshaker, they took on the task of representing National Geographic allowing people to experience what they see in only in their photos and documentaries. I honestly think this is a genius tactic in taking something like National Geographic, a brand that is somewhat hard to relate to by the everyday person through its exotic and dangerous nature, and bringing it to reality in a mall of all places. Watch the video below. My favorite is how the children interact with it. Having said that, this process could potentially become a great outlet not only for advertising but education as well. Take a look.

Reverse Graffiti: A Cleaner Approach to Advertising

16 Nov


This is probably one of the coolest things I have seen when it comes to unique ways advertise. In this video, a man who goes by the name of “Moose” demonstrates an effective way to advertise products just by cleaning the sidewalk with water. Not only is this a green approach to branding but could be seen, or at least in my opinion, as product art. Companies like Greenworks view this as “a larger than life product demo.” However, some people are not too thrilled with the concept, especially government officials. As seen in this article by AdWeek, legislators say that although some may have a permit for a mural, placing a brand name or other logo crosses the line as they do not have a permit for public advertisement. Companies like GreenGraffiti view this method as a safer and “greener” alternative to billboards. I personally find this method genius. Why not capitalize on an option that is novel and exciting and has the potential to reach a great amount of people at an extremely low cost. Everyone seems to be on the “Green” track these days, why not actually implement it.

The Emergence of the YouTube Channel Era

31 Oct

It has now been confirmed that YouTube is now introducing its long-awaited strategy for channels. YouTube announced this change on their blog on Friday evening Oct. 28. What does this mean for YouTube and its viewers? Well, for one, it will boost the viewing time of YouTube which is ultimately their goal. YouTube’s chief Salar Kamangar stated, “Welcome to the future of video. Please stay a while. You’re spending just 15 minutes a day on YouTube, and spending five hours a day watching TV. As the lines between online and offline continue to blur, we think that’s going to change.” With the introduction of these channels, YouTube is encouraging its audience to perceive it more like cable television with the hopes of having the same viewing time.

But what does this mean for the viewer? Well for one, there will be channels for everyone in terms of content. Just like you may watch your favorite programming or shows that reinforce your hobbies, YouTube will serve as such an outlet. These channels will highly increase the array of content that is available to its viewers. Advertisers will also benefit from this as well as YouTube will sell advertising spots in conjunction with the video content of channels.

To me, with this strategy, everyone wins. YouTube gains a larger audience and more viewing time, the audience gains an expansive inventory of content, and advertisers could possibly reach more people and narrow their targeted consumers.

2011 UK Ad Banned For Targeting Children

27 Oct


The ad that you just watched was created by DLKW Lowe for the supermarket Morrisons. According to the article on AdWeek, many people were complaining about how the ad was “irresponsible” as the primary audience was children. With the main focus of the commercial being moping children who turned suddenly happy when given the opportunity to go to Morrisons, one can see the ethical issue. Although I thought it was a cute ad, it did seem to focus on the idea that children should bother their parents in order to take a trip to this supermarket. Also, with a chance to win a trip to Disneyworld, what child isn’t going to pester their parents.

Morrisons, however, defended their advertisement indicating that it only aired during adult programming and,with it being broadcasted in July, many kids would not see it. However the Advertising Standards Authority did not agree. They argued that the ad did indeed appear on some children programming, the main content featured children, and that Disney collectibles were offered. A quote from the ASA stated, “We considered these to be factors which would hold a strong appeal amongst children.The ad must not be broadcast again in its current form.”

Do you think they did the right thing by banning this ad?

Chapstick’s Facebook Blunder

26 Oct

This ad calls for the phrase, “Oh Snap!” Now, when looking at this ad some may giggle while others may cringe at the creative. However, we all have experienced losing our beloved Chapstick and aggressively pursuing every piece of furniture in the house. However, there has been a huge blunder with Chapstick and Facebook that is creating a stir. I recently came upon this in AdFreak and found the story quite interesting.

Chapstick is dealing with negative comments from fans about this ad, but, the thing is, they really aren’t handling the criticism very well. Although the line at the bottom of the ad states, “Be heard at,” people are not being heard, they are being deleted. Negative comments about the ad are mysteriously disappearing. Now, the ad itself is not so bad, but the fact that Chapstick is reacting in such a juvenile way makes one think. The comments keep zinging in, not so much about the above image but about why they aren’t “being heard.” Social media is a funny thing, you ask for comments, you get comments. Chapstick is the one looking pretty silly right now in trying to silence their fans. But in my opinion, this war is far from over. When brands start to deny and reject feedback, that is when they start losing customers and loyal customers at that. Maybe as comments keep disappearing, so will their business. The power of social media is at hand.

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