Heartland Brands

16 Nov


Based in Tennessee, this brand has been a personal favorite of mine since I was a kid . I have never been a big cereal fan but when I do eat it, granola is my cereal of choice. Heartland has been a stable brand since its introduction in 1968 focusing on a healthy and delicious option for breakfast. According to their website, the 1870s proved to be a time where doctor’s began getting concerned about the health of the nation and people’s diets. One of the first foods to help with this epidemic was granola. However, the first granola was seen as too crunchy for people’s taste. It was not until the 1960s that people started to take a new approach at looking at whole grain products and foods. Heartland was listening and was there to introduce a “new” kind of cereal…their granola. This is a great local product with an even greater story behind its production. From a local girl on a local brand, Heartland Brands is a great way to go when it comes to a healthy and tasty breakfast option.


The Emergence of the YouTube Channel Era

31 Oct

It has now been confirmed that YouTube is now introducing its long-awaited strategy for channels. YouTube announced this change on their blog on Friday evening Oct. 28. What does this mean for YouTube and its viewers? Well, for one, it will boost the viewing time of YouTube which is ultimately their goal. YouTube’s chief Salar Kamangar stated, “Welcome to the future of video. Please stay a while. You’re spending just 15 minutes a day on YouTube, and spending five hours a day watching TV. As the lines between online and offline continue to blur, we think that’s going to change.” With the introduction of these channels, YouTube is encouraging its audience to perceive it more like cable television with the hopes of having the same viewing time.

But what does this mean for the viewer? Well for one, there will be channels for everyone in terms of content. Just like you may watch your favorite programming or shows that reinforce your hobbies, YouTube will serve as such an outlet. These channels will highly increase the array of content that is available to its viewers. Advertisers will also benefit from this as well as YouTube will sell advertising spots in conjunction with the video content of channels.

To me, with this strategy, everyone wins. YouTube gains a larger audience and more viewing time, the audience gains an expansive inventory of content, and advertisers could possibly reach more people and narrow their targeted consumers.

“Torturer” (2011) Woolite Commercial

31 Oct


In tribute to Halloween, this ad fits perfectly. How much more Halloween can you get with a 30 second commercial directed by Rob Zombie himself. The famous horror film director teamed up with Woolite in Canada to shoot this ad. I remember first seeing this ad on television, and I have to admit I was a little freaked out. But when I found out it was an ad for Woolite, I couldn’t believe how brilliant it was. Incorporating a holiday where people suddenly take a liking to being frightened and using it to their advantage was genius. I give extra kudos to Woolite for this ad. Not only is it a fun ad to watch but it clearly depicts the unique selling position of Woolite in how it keeps your clothes from all the “torture” that it encounters through washing. Truly a great creative technique.

Want to Slow Down Time?

27 Oct

Before viewing the video below, I want you to ask yourself something. “Where has the time gone?” Scott Thrift, the inventor of The Present posed this same question. He states perfectly, “How can you live in the moment when the moment changes every second?” I began pondering this insight. It was like yesterday when my parents dropped me off in front of my college dorm, my mom calmed by a whiskey sour at lunch (the first time I had ever seen her drink), and my dad giving his “you will always be my baby girl” speech. But now? Now I am a college junior, have my own apartment, completing an internship, engaged to a wonderful man, and actually scared about what the future holds. Where has the time gone? It seems crazy to look back and remember these awesome moments only to realize that they happened months or even years ago.

Take a look at this video and tell me what you think. I, for one, find it fascinating and the video itself seems to have a calming effect.

2011 UK Ad Banned For Targeting Children

27 Oct


The ad that you just watched was created by DLKW Lowe for the supermarket Morrisons. According to the article on AdWeek, many people were complaining about how the ad was “irresponsible” as the primary audience was children. With the main focus of the commercial being moping children who turned suddenly happy when given the opportunity to go to Morrisons, one can see the ethical issue. Although I thought it was a cute ad, it did seem to focus on the idea that children should bother their parents in order to take a trip to this supermarket. Also, with a chance to win a trip to Disneyworld, what child isn’t going to pester their parents.

Morrisons, however, defended their advertisement indicating that it only aired during adult programming and,with it being broadcasted in July, many kids would not see it. However the Advertising Standards Authority did not agree. They argued that the ad did indeed appear on some children programming, the main content featured children, and that Disney collectibles were offered. A quote from the ASA stated, “We considered these to be factors which would hold a strong appeal amongst children.The ad must not be broadcast again in its current form.”

Do you think they did the right thing by banning this ad?

The Airbag Ad (otherwise known as Awesome!)

26 Oct

This ad is probably one of the coolest magazine ads I have ever seen. It was created by the ad agency, Loducca and featured in the most prestigious business magazine in Brazil called the Exame. On the previous page of this ad, there is a picture of the Peugot and instructions for the viewer to hit the front of the car with their hand in a specified location. After this is done, the magazine seems to inflate. When you turn the page, the above image is what you see (only this air bag is in 3D). If I was reading this magazine, this would definitely grab my attention, making me take a closer look at the Peugot. The fact that the 3D element is a safety benefit of the car, when people remember this awesome ad, they are actually remembering one of the major selling points of the vehicle that all car owners most likely looking for. However, given this tactic, the Peugot will stand out as the most recalled car out of the numerous that have this same feature. Loducca really made this brand stand out from the crowd.

Look below to see the video of how this ad was produced and shipped.

Chapstick’s Facebook Blunder

26 Oct

This ad calls for the phrase, “Oh Snap!” Now, when looking at this ad some may giggle while others may cringe at the creative. However, we all have experienced losing our beloved Chapstick and aggressively pursuing every piece of furniture in the house. However, there has been a huge blunder with Chapstick and Facebook that is creating a stir. I recently came upon this in AdFreak and found the story quite interesting.

Chapstick is dealing with negative comments from fans about this ad, but, the thing is, they really aren’t handling the criticism very well. Although the line at the bottom of the ad states, “Be heard at facebook.com/chapstick,” people are not being heard, they are being deleted. Negative comments about the ad are mysteriously disappearing. Now, the ad itself is not so bad, but the fact that Chapstick is reacting in such a juvenile way makes one think. The comments keep zinging in, not so much about the above image but about why they aren’t “being heard.” Social media is a funny thing, you ask for comments, you get comments. Chapstick is the one looking pretty silly right now in trying to silence their fans. But in my opinion, this war is far from over. When brands start to deny and reject feedback, that is when they start losing customers and loyal customers at that. Maybe as comments keep disappearing, so will their business. The power of social media is at hand.

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