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Want to Slow Down Time?

27 Oct

Before viewing the video below, I want you to ask yourself something. “Where has the time gone?” Scott Thrift, the inventor of The Present posed this same question. He states perfectly, “How can you live in the moment when the moment changes every second?” I began pondering this insight. It was like yesterday when my parents dropped me off in front of my college dorm, my mom calmed by a whiskey sour at lunch (the first time I had ever seen her drink), and my dad giving his “you will always be my baby girl” speech. But now? Now I am a college junior, have my own apartment, completing an internship, engaged to a wonderful man, and actually scared about what the future holds. Where has the time gone? It seems crazy to look back and remember these awesome moments only to realize that they happened months or even years ago.

Take a look at this video and tell me what you think. I, for one, find it fascinating and the video itself seems to have a calming effect.

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