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Volkswagen Passat Commercial “Toss”

12 Jan

Over the past couple of weeks I have watched this ad air and every single time I can’t help but laugh. I have always loved sports and have participated in everything from softball, to volleyball, to karate, to basketball, tennis, and gymnastics. Needless to say, we are a sports family. But many were surprised to hear that I got my start playing baseball. Growing up with only an older brother, my mentality when I was younger was “anything he can do, I can do.” So when he came home with his first trophy, that was it. My competitive nature was seen in full force at the age of 5. So when I saw this ad created by Deutsch Inc., L.A., it brought back memories of playing catch with my dad…however, it didn’t quite look like this.

Not only is this ad humorous, but I think does a great job of establishing Volkswagen as a sort of member of the family by overseeing family activities and having a dominant presence within the frame. With the car being something one is “grateful” for as it is passed down, it lies in stark contrast with the most awkward throwing techniques of the father…bless his heart. This, in a funny way, only highlights the benefits of the new Passat while playing on the heartstrings of parents who have done their best to try to teach their kids the best athletic techniques…well, sort of.

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