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When Advertising is Deemed Unnecessary

3 Dec

I know this may be a long video, but I found myself not really wanting it to end. To know and hear about the secrets of a brand that has been a part of our lives in one way or the other for decades is something I find fascinating…then again I am an advertising major. However, in all my education in advertising I have never heard of a brand in which advertising is deemed unnecessary until I took a second look at Coke. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Coca-Cola is not simply a beverage brand, but a lifestyle. Think about it. When asked the question, “What do you think of when you think of Coca-Cola?” It isn’t the taste, smell, or feeling of the beverage but what it represents. When asked this question I think of times spent with my family, my ritual of getting a little boost in the morning before heading off to school, how it seems to be the only thing that settles my stomach when I feel sick, or simply having dinner with my family as we share our day. I am sure when asked the same question you might have different stories where Coke has played a role in you life; however, there is one thing that we have in common. It isn’t the physical features of Coke we remember…it’s the way it makes us feel, the way it has established itself in our memories. This is a brand that has taken over the globe, as seen within this video. Coke needs no advertising as it is the most recognized product in the world. To some it may be a refreshing end to a hectic day, a little spark of energy, or an emblem of one’s youth, but to others, especially in other countries, it may represent hope. Hope for a better future, hope for a little happiness in an uncertain world. Coke isn’t just a brand, it’s a representation of ourselves and our memories.


How Should Global Companies Use Facebook?

12 Oct

According to Advertising Age, there is a dispute about whether global companies should have only one global Facebook page or multiple pages geared toward local content. Well, if you think about it, the main question that is meant to be answered in accordance to this dispute is, “How can my company reach the most people?” Well duh. But how should a global company go about this using Facebook. According to Ad Age, “local Facebook pages drive 36% higher engagement than does a single global page.” Why does this happen? Well, the most obvious response to me is that people are more willing to look at and interact with pages that pertain to them. Also, by having locally geared content, brand awareness and goodwill will spread faster than if simply centered on a global page. The simple truth is that people tend to focus more on what relates to their own lives. With a narrow focus on the local atmosphere, companies are able to play off the fact that people want to know and are excited about what the brand is doing for them and their lives. So, back to the question at hand. Should global companies stink with one global page or branch off to local pages. Well, I tend to agree with Michael Scissons who was the author of the Ad Age article. He thinks companies should take a “Glocal” stance in which they have one global page that has tags that allows a consumer to find their local page. Not only is the consumer getting the information and brand presence on the global setting, but on a more personal level as well. If companies stick to this ideology, I think that Facebook will have a powerful hand in establishing brand presence.

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