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AdPerspective’s Favorite Things: Health and Beauty

4 Jan

Well, I guess we all knew this was coming with me being an advertising junkie and all but here it is…my favorite things!!! This will be the beginning of a new “featured product” section of this website. Yes, I have a product reviews section already but this will be categorized by types of products and will consist of my ultimate “top” picks, just to clarify. Now, of course some of these brands are probably very well known and have been around forever, but being a very brand loyal consumer I am sharing my all-time favorite brands, gadgets, movies, or “whatevers” as well as some new products that I have recently been introduced to. Anyone who knows me knows that I have some pretty strong opinions about well…most things. So anything on this list I use and use often. Having said that, if you haven’t tried some of these products I urge you to give them a whirl. Now this isn’t a typical “favorites” list. After all, I am a college student with a rather tight budget so no thousand dollar products on here. Maybe one day. However, I will spare the Ramen noodle stories that seem to plague all college students (although those were some pretty creative recipes if I do say so myself). But enough of the lead-in, here it is. Are you excited?

So first and most importantly to us women…

Health and Beauty Products

1.  ImageClarisonic. Now this is a product that I have just gotten and can already tell you that I am in love. The before and after pictures speak for themselves, but it isn’t just about the obvious skin benefits that I love about this brand. Yeah how it cleans 2x better than manual washing, is 6x better at removing makeup, and how you will have 61% more absorption of Vitamin C after use is impressive. But what is even more     impressive is its “Look Good Feel Better” campaign that empowers women who are fighting cancer. Since this began in 2010, Clarisonic has raised more than $2 million for increasing awareness. It’s truly a brand that gives back while offering a superb product. TRY IT!!


2. Ole Henriksen. I absolutely love this truth serum collagen booster. It is a potent Vitamin C complex and literally smells like I have rubbed oranges all over my face. I mean, who wouldn’t like that? This product line has been featured in probably every beauty magazine on the shelves and since 2004, it has won at least one award every single year!   So if you want that awesome firm skin that glows and smells like an orange tree, get this immediately.


3. Buxom by Bare Escentuals. I have never been a lip gloss girl, nonetheless a colored lip gloss girl. I always seem to stray more towards my Blistex and Chapstick, but when I tried this the first time, I have never gone back…or used any other brand for that hint of color. There are so many colors to choose from that it may be a little overwhelming, but the names are so fun! With the slogan, Live Life Vividly, that is exactly what you do with this product. It offers a little tingling sensation as it acts as a subtle lip plumper, but it’s definitely that product that gives you a little edge. Inspired by women and encouraging them to be a “Force of Beauty” Bare Escentuals got it right with this glossy finish while being a brand that truly makes women feel beautiful. So, thank you.

Image4. O.P.I. Being 22, I have definitely gone through my fair share of nail polish. Although, I must admit that I hate wearing it on my fingers because of the dreaded chipping and constant retouches. However, ever since I began using O.P.I. products, this hasn’t really been a problem. Whether you wear neutral or bold colors, O.P.I has literally every color of the rainbow and some colors you didn’t even know existed! No, but really. A brand that truly cares about its consumers, it reformulated its entire product offering in 2006 eliminating substances that might not have been the healthiest. However, they are now leading the industry in “green” and healthier formulations. They have also supported countless charities by giving millions of dollars. So for that…they get my dollars.

Image5. Nivea Creme. Moisturizing your skin is a must and this stuff is the real deal. Not only do I love the fact that one little tub of this seems to last an eternity, but it is so good! Just a little goes a long way but your skin will never feel dry with this product. Not only is it affordable, but is probably one of the best creams on the market (and believe me, I have tried countless). This is a brand really committed to bettering the world both through ecological means and through their conviction to social responsibility. With an aim to constantly improve as a company and through their products, Nivea is an easy choice as one of my top picks.

So these are my top five health and beauty products as of right now…there will more to come  so keep a watch out. Again, feel free to suggest any products that you may love. With brands dedicated to bettering the world and empowering individuals while offering a product that truly surpasses expectations is a brand I want to support. So for all the brands above, thanks for what you do.

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