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Facebook’s New Page Insights

13 Oct

There is a new feature on Facebook that is helping marketers know how people are interacting with their brand or company. This feature is known as ‘Page Insights.’ It has been increasingly difficult for marketers to figure out how to tap into their consumers using social media, as it is relatively new, but there just might be a way now. With Page Insights, companies are able to view in tables and charts how their audience interacts with them in terms of growth, consumption, demographics, and created content. This allows marketers to better adapt their pages to meet the needs and wants of its fans and create more brand awareness through word-of-mouth approaches as fans will share information with their friends.

In his article, David Karnstedt shares that the friends of fans represent a larger consumer base than just the fans of the brand. Thus, in reaching their fans, companies must think about the friends as well. Visibility of a brand is most prevalent when in the News Feed. According to Mr. Karnstedt’s article, people are 40 to 150 times more likely to consume branded content through their News Feed than just visiting the companies page. These posts ¬†and conversations will not only reach the fans but the friends of the fans as well, creating a much larger opportunity to increase the brand’s consumer base. Page Insights helps guide marketers in how to reach these people and who to target their content towards. An example of a page insight of a company is seen below. Why do you think this information would be useful to marketers and how could they use it effectively?

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